Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Savoring The View










savoring the view from zalensky's ornate dacha 

overlooking the black sea of putin's brain

alarmingly beautiful in all directions

but oh what sullies the horizon, my countrymen?

oh! is that a little man down there 

eating himself alive?

the dacha looms large from down below –

beady eyes leer at the gracious verandah 

where a somewhat jewish comedian president

lavishes laughter and leadership 

on a feisty nation unafraid to live large

or die larger

or possibly dream of all possible possibilities perhaps

beyond fiction we deem this unreality

over yonder

the duma of a dictator's miasmic dream

all swirling together and howling mad

the dumbness and the guns and the 

cavalcades of badness 

and the wild wild hope

that the bad guy will die 

sobbing low below 

the dacha where the good guy lives large

the good guy dies large 

forever large in the sky dacha

my own personal schadenfreude: 

putin’s puckered brain and swollen face

dilated by noxious gasses 

from hollowed dreams of rotting empires

a tsarist zombie feeding on its own wasting gray matter

royal ukase turned toilet paper

shit stain made manifest mutiny

but i digress…

zalensky turns from the view over the black sea of putin’s brain

looks back down the hallway where faces peer out

babushkas smiling with steaming samovars

pushkin poets raise thumbs up while scribbling verse

a real new history brought near to present day

wishing him well, so very extremely well