Dasani DissClaimer verbatim from Coca Cola

Dasani Dissclaimer from Calvin Burgamy 

This video is 4 years of my art project notes, drawings, 
and other random thoughts. 
This is about a third of the final piece.

One World Trade 

by Calvin Burgamy

then there was one from Calvin Burgamy 


Untitled from Calvin Burgamy 

Mirror Beach

Unusual beach in Hvonsk, Blatvia mirrors itself and emits unusual sounds as well. Not much is known how, why, or who but just know that it does.

The Chase by Jon Marcus, Matt Rosenberger, Calvin Burgamy

We set out one morning to make a video, with no plan or script in hand.
After a few minutes tossing out ideas, we settled on a time honored
plot line - the chase.

Waking Dream #1 by Calvin Burgamy

5 Days in Dallas by Calvin Burgamy, Jon Marcus, Matt Rosenberger. 

Based on "true events".

Car Wash by Calvin Burgamy/Tina Kite


The Red Dress by Matt Rosenberger, Jon Marcus, Calvin Burgamy

This movie was made during the Rapid i Movement Film Festival. Contestants had 50 hours to write, direct, produce a 5 to 7 minute movie. The theme: "Originality Unfiltered". The criteria: no women tied up, no killing old people, no guns killing people, no "it was all a dream", no white rappers and there had to be a person or place that was quintessentially Atlanta. And then we re-did it and added another ending just for us. 

I Came From Within Me (Trailer) by Calvin Burgamy, Matt Rosenberger

The Horror.

I, Kuchar by Calvin Burgamy, Jon Marcus, Matt Rosenberger

Whirled HQ's homage to George Kuchar, on his passing.