Wednesday, May 24, 2017

best time machine

the algonquin troubador temp-o-glide xl
spit polished chrome airfoil time machine
flyze better in the night sky
time is more fluid in the dark
easier to penetrate
like a tuning fork through alphabet soup
or a double edged sword
through a spelling bee
shadows hold moments
like leaves in a duane eddy
the nighttime time machine
surfs forth on a black wave
riding the ticktock froth
fluttering like a midnite moth
the rhythmic pattern
of chronological flotsam
antediluvian jetsam
time curls and breaks
spilling events
here and there
and forth
and back
and fifth and fourth
the shiny chrome time machine
surfs on the future
gliding through pipe dreams
and every thing that is to come
sailing into the past
never here, never now
riding the wake

of lucid dreamers

To Whom It May or Probably Won’t Concern:

Sirs or Madams or Trinaries:

What an honor it has been to serve as a humble bolt in this vast, wonderful web of nuts, both people and humans, that is the Greater Huffakers Chevron Algonquin Troubador Assembly Plant here in Greater Huffakers, Nevada. With a modicum of skill and ingenuity and timely gratuities, anyone could hardly not fail because of the support one receives here where phosfluorescently incentivized integrated e-commerce happens everyday. As we say, as long as the present glows in the dark, the future will always be most dim!
So, in keeping with the traditions here at the Greater Huffakers Chevron Algonquin Troubador Assembly Plant of Greater Huffakers, Nevada, I would like to commit to a level of interpersonal reciprocity and a pure no nonsense nose to the grindstone kinda personal individualized effort each and every day to attain the maximum efficiency needed to produce a whizz-bang-kiss-my-fuckin-ass automobile worthy of it’s own opera named Chevron Algonquin Troubador Deluxe Supreme So Help Me Jesus.

It is only here one can monotonectally orchestrate business relationships and completely enable seamless niche markets. I commit to uniquely engage scalable partnerships and seamlessly formulate fungible testing procedures no matter what so help me fucking god!